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Welcome to the English section of this website. The Dutch Dawa Center has a lot of information about Muslims, non-muslims and people who want to know more about Islam.

We share information about reliable websites, YouTube-pages, and FaceBook. Take a look on our website, Aleikum salam!

Reliable English websites about Islam

Basic Islam (for beginners)


For converts (new muslims)


YouTube (video) accounts

Q&A: All the answers for daily-life encounters.





Media: In defence of other muslim brothers and sisters

Muslim Prisoners

[learn_more caption=”Warning against falsehood and deviant sects gone astray.”]

The Pure Islaam:
There are plenty of websites which talk about Islam in general, and, AlhamdoeliAllah the most muslims in this world follow the Right Path insha’Allah. The way of the Selef us Saalih, the way of the Sunnah, following the Prophet!
On this site you can take a further look on Islam: http://islamworld.net/

Information about the False Shia sect:
Shia people are following a cult/sect which is gone far astray from the Straight Path, by taking people as Gods, by claiming that the Quran was altered (corrupted), by claiming that nearly ALL of the Companions were disbelievers etc..


WARNING! Shiaism is NOT Islam. The next video accounts will show you the falsehood of shiaism!  Islam=Ahlu Sunnah wal Djama3ah.


Anti shia facebook in english:


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  1. Salam Alikum Dear Brothers,

    Am planing to visit Netherlands specifically in Horssen Town for training program for tow weeks.Just I wonder if there is any Musallh and trust Halal restaurant close to this Town.What your advise.

    Best Regards

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